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It is our mission is to serve business owners and their teams who are determined to be the best in their market and are willing to go all in. We don't teach theory or ideas about what could be. I will show you in the shop exactly what we do now and what it takes to start producing Generational Wealth in your automotive business.You can't afford to not learn about this concept.

Are you ready to stop treating your business like a hobby?

Key to Key to Callbacks

Key to Key to Callbacks

Learn the Concept behind the Million Dollar per Month shop. In this weekend program, you'll discover how to build rock-solid customer trust while perfecting the techniques of Speed of Service and Speed of Sales. It will Change your Life!

Courses take place in Houston, TX every month. 

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Learn the Auto Shop Concept

Key to Key to Callbacks

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What's hindering that growth?

Owning a profitable auto repair business is a significant achievement already, and now you're looking to take your auto repair business to the next level. Identifying and addressing new challenges can be complex.

  • Scalability - Your current business model has served you well to this point, but it might not be structured to effectively handle massive growth .  
  • Customer Retention - It's vital to examine your customer service processes. Your customers pay for everything you do. 
  • Staffing -  Attracting, training, and retaining skilled mechanics and other staff members is a common challenge in this industry.
  • Brand Visibility -  Your growth can be limited if your marketing strategies aren't effective enough to reach your perfect audience.

Confronting these factors is absolutely critical for catapulting your business to new heights. There's no room for uncertainty or hesitation here. Take the helm and address the challenges that are standing in your way.

Working with Todd Hayes isn't just an option—it's a game-changer. His wealth of experience and proven strategies are the arsenal you need to bulldoze these obstacles and accelerate your business growth. Don't just stand on the sidelines hoping for change. Be proactive. Be assertive. Sign up now and power your way to unparalleled success in your auto repair business.

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Todd Hayes

Todd Hayes is the magic behind the first $1 Million monthly repair shop, Adams Automotive. Will you be the next?

He is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, business leader, and media personality with over three decades of experience in the automotive industry beginning in 1986 when he founded the Mobile Car Care chain of auto repair service centers. He quickly built the operation with massive growth in three major Texas markets. Within ten years, it was the most successful business of its kind. By 2002 Todd had launched his second multi-million dollar automotive business, RepairOne, and continued to demonstrate his vision while developing the Auto Shop Concept that is the keystone to the success of the companies he operates.

Todd is currently the COO of seven successful repair shop locations that have achieved an impressive annual revenue of over 40 million dollars and an average GP of 62.5, with record revenue and profit year after year.

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"You can't take someone where you haven't been yet."


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Regional Manager - Simply True Automotive

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Owner - Gary's Automotive

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CEO - DIV Automotive Group

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General Manager - Westlake Houston Automotive

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